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Monday, June 7, 2010

Integrated Dev Environment - Visual Studio 2010 - Enhancements

Integrated Development Environment
Some of the features of the IDE Visual Studio 2010 ...

The following sections describe enhancements to the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

Navigate To

You can use the Navigate To feature to search for a symbol or file in source code. You can search for keywords that are contained in a symbol by using Camel casing and underscore characters to divide the symbol into keywords.
For more information, see How to: Search for Objects, Definitions, and References (Symbols).

Highlighting References

When you click a symbol in source code, all instances of that symbol are highlighted in the document.
For many control structures, when you click a keyword, all of the keywords in the structure are highlighted. For instance, when you click If in an If...Then...Else construction, all instances of If, Then, ElseIf, Else, and End If in the construction are highlighted.
To move to the next or previous highlighted symbol, you can use CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW or CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW. For more information, see How to: Use Reference Highlighting.

Generate From Usage

The Generate From Usage feature enables you to use classes and members before you define them. You can generate a stub for any class, constructor, method, property, field, or enum that you want to use but have not yet defined. You can generate new types and members without leaving your current location in code. This minimizes interruption to your workflow.
Generate From Usage supports programming styles such as test-first development. For more information, see Generate From Usage.

IntelliSense Suggestion Mode

IntelliSense now provides two alternatives for IntelliSense statement completion: completion mode and suggestion mode. Suggestion mode is used when classes and members are used before they are defined. For more information, see List Members.

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