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Sunday, June 6, 2010

IntelliTrace - Debug Your Application In An Efficient Manner

When you develop a project, you may be cross checking for errors, by debugging the particular project. Either fully project or, by setting few break points and you will run the program under the debugger. And if errors are found, you rectify it. Don't you think that it is the ancient method of debugging or compiling a program.

Why don't you switch to a better option like INTELLITRACE ...
In Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, you will find this feature. This  new IntelliTrace feature brings debugging into the 21st century by giving developers better insight into their applications’ execution.
Actually Visual Studio 2010 monitors the program and collects the data about that particular application during the execution, for the convineince of the programmer in finding their errors. The collected data is referred to as IntelliTrace events. These events are collected as part of the default debugging experience, and among other things, they let developers step back in time to see what happened in an application without having to restart the debugger.

Here i have attached some of the screen shots from MSDN forum ...

And you can still learn more about this, feature , here, the MSDN forum,
and also you can also see the information about this article here,

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